Horror After Dark–Biters and The Reborn “Must Have!”

Reviews are starting to come in on The Reborn and its companion novel Biters not only from fans, but also from some of the most respected names in the horror genre. This Horror After Dark review is my favorite yet. Check it out, and I’ll be providing more reviews as they come out.

Imagine my amazement then when Brett J Talley’s The Reborn raised that bar set by Biters and then pole-vaulted right over it. Without doubt the best piece of fiction (of any genre) I’ve read this year, The Reborn takes a spin on eugenics and links it with a war that destroys much of the world…

Fans of apocalyptic, action-based fiction should do themselves a favour and thrust this one right to the top of their TBR pile.


4 Double Crosses for Biters and 5 Life Ending Spikers for The Reborn, averaging out to be a 4.5 star read.


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