Support an Awesome Project, And Support Me At The Same Time!

If you know me, you know that I love all things Lovecraftian, and you know that I am particularly fond of the Lovecraft eZine. Well they are currently in the planning stages of their most amazing project yet. It’s called Whispers from the Shadows. The Zine is taking three of their best stories–none of mine sadly–and turning them into short films. And they are doing it the right way. Doug Jones of Pan’s Labyrinth  and the beautiful Katie Parker of Absentia and Oculus are staring. All we have to do now is raise the money to get it done. And that’s where you come in.

Here’s the Kickstarter campaign with lots of amazing awards for various levels of support. At one time, you could pay $125 and I would make you the star of one of my stories. Unfortunately, that’s sold out. But I want to write that story for whoever was crazy enough to pay that much for the honor. That means we need to raise $18000. We are already more than a quarter of a way there. Help us get the rest of the way.

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2 responses to “Support an Awesome Project, And Support Me At The Same Time!

  1. Brett;
    I’m the crazy who paid the $125 for the high honor of having my name used in a story. As a huge fan of Mike Davis’s Lovecraftezine and the awesome video chats with great authors and interesting characters, I had to make my move before that level sold out. I just hope they get all of the funding to make it happen.

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