Why I Hate Darius Rucker’s Cover Of Wagon Wheel

If you follow this blog, you probably know that I have a passion for music. Maybe it’s born of my complete lack of any musical talent or singing ability whatsoever. Or maybe I just have a good ear. I mean, I’m not bragging, but if you’ve bought any of the albums from my Free Music Friday’s, you are probably listening to some good tunes about now.

In any event, I usually like to save my opinions for the end of the post. But why waste time here? I despise Darius Rucker’s cover of “Wagon Wheel.”

Now, I do love me some Hootie. I mean, just watch this video. It’s Hootastic.

You see, Hootie and his Blowfish represented an entire sub-genre of 90s music. Just look at him jamming up there in his backwards hat. Hootie was a mainstream alternative band, the kind of artist that late-20s, early 30s types in 1996 could like and feel cool, feel like they were still young. They were an easy-listening version of Counting Crows. Less edgy, less mournful, safer. It was the kind of music that your mom would listen to with you. I mean, there are probably people who still think that “Let Her Cry” is the definitive musical statement on drug abuse.

And so, when Hootie turned up 10 years later on country music radio, was there anybody that was surprised?

Here’s Hootie in a cowboy hat.

See, country music has been growing in popularity and declining in quality for the last 25 years. Back in the old days, country music could stand toe-to-toe with rock when it came to musical inventiveness and lyrical genius. But pop is the virus that kills all genres, and it made its way into country at the turn of the 90s with a vengeance. Artists like Garth Brooks took country music to new heights, but those who followed him did it by stripping the genre of its soul. Gone were the lyrical genius and musical inventiveness of George Jones, Hank Williams, Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, and Emmylou Harris. In were bubblegum pop tunes with a country twang. Today, you have the empty, soulless ballads of bands like Lady Antebellum praised while the heartbreaking genius of groups like The Civil Wars are virtually ignored by country radio. I mean, compare these two songs, one a mega-hit by Lady Antebellum about bad, honey flavored whiskey and another by The Civil Wars about the heartbreak of bad, codependent relationships.

But I digress. The point is that if Darius Rucker was going to go anywhere to rebuild a career built on middle-age, middle-class, white folks from Georgia, country was the place to do it.

And I was fine with that. Good luck to Darius. I mean, it’s awesome to see an African-American face in country music. Shows how far we’ve come. But then he had to go and touch “Wagon Wheel.”

Now, for those of you who sadly do not know this, Darius Rucker didn’t write “Wagon Wheel.” The original version, based on a Bob Dylan riff (as all great music is), was released by Old Crow Medicine Show nearly a decade ago. Darius Rucker’s cover represents everything that is wrong in country music, all wrapped up in a five-and-a-half minute long package. Here they are, back to back. First, let’s watch Darius Rucker’s version.

And now, Old Crow Medicine Show.

Let’s compare. First, the music. Old Crow Medicine Show is up there with a stand-up bass, banjos, fiddles, the works. Darius Rucker sounds like he is singing in a karaoke bar in Tokyo. Or like he is performing a polka in Berlin.  And then there is the video itself. OCMS eschews a literal interpretation of the song, with the guys walking down the street hitchhiking, and instead goes for a much more artistic  and ultimately depressing, fairground motif. Basically the guys are playing the song at the most broke down, sad carnival you’ve ever seen. And to make matters worse, they are performing as part of some sort of go-go show. You can interpret that however you will, but I guarantee you that you can get pretty deep with the imagery.

Darius Rucker’s version starts off with him falling asleep, watching Duck Dynasty. I don’t know who made this artistic choice, but it is a perfect one. You see, Darius Rucker doesn’t live “Wagon Wheel.” There’s no rock bottom here, no performing in the worst possible venue. This is all a game for him, a fantasy. And the song mirrors that. This is an upbeat, dance song for Darius Rucker. Just look at the goofy grin on his face. The way the song rises in all the wrong places. How he never let’s the melody fall into the minor chord, how he refuses to let this be a soulful, almost mournful tune.

Cause that’s what it is. It’s a song of desperation, a song about a guy who’s down on his luck, just trying to make it to the next town, praying that another car stops to pick him up. A guy who just wants to get to Raleigh one last time and see the love of his life. And if the guys  to whom he owes a fortune in poker debt he could never pay catch up with him there and kill him, at least he will die free.

Darius Rucker is hitch hiking his way to a show in a bar, and that’s before he wakes up on his tour bus with the cast of Duck Dynasty.

Actually, maybe Darius Rucker’s version is more depressing, after all.


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13 responses to “Why I Hate Darius Rucker’s Cover Of Wagon Wheel

  1. Sue

    Well, I’m just not sure why you had to bring up Lady Antebellum in all of this except for the fact that you just don’t like them.

    • Tyler Morgis

      Loved reading this I learned alot and you have valid points. I didnt know it was a cover til now but I still pictured a trucker down on his luck and depressed the whole time, especially the if i die in raleigh part. I can still get the message while having an upbeat tone. Its weird but thats kind of how music has evolved to today. You can still get the messages but without having to have a depressing vibration. I absolutely love both versions and I think both were unique.

  2. Tim

    I think the distinction is fake (Rucker/Lady Antebellum) and real (Old Crow Medicine Show/Civil Wars).

    Nice post, Mr. Talley.

  3. Ricky

    Well put sir. I hated Hooties remake from ‘git, but couldn’t place my finger on why. It is not a happy pop dance song, or shouldn’t be.

    You think you could break down the various versions of “the night they drove ole Dixie down”?

    I love The Bands version(especially that found on the last waltz), but despise the more popular Joan Baez version. I somehow like Richie havens cover but am not a fan of Johnny cash’s version, although the styles seem similar..

  4. C. Erosa

    I disagree. Rucker didnt direct his music video. It was designed and directed by Jim Wright. Its not Ruckers fault the music video turned out the way it did. Ive seen Rucker live and even though Wagon Wheel is always the crowd pleaser, its not all a happy-dappy show. He really does put heart and feel into his song, so I dont let the “show” he puts on in the music video turn me away. The director did his job- make a video that accompanies, and most importantly SELLS the music.

    • We’ll just have to agree to disagree. Rucker’s no newborn babe in the music industry. He’s been around, and if he had wanted a different artistic direction, he could have gotten it. But it’s not just about the music video. It’s how he does the song itself. The bigger point is the last one you make. This was all about selling some records with an upbeat, saccharine cover of a modern classic. That’s fine. More power to him. I’m a capitalist, too. But I don’t have to like it, and I certainly don’t have to respect it.

  5. Peter

    Totally agree. Rucker’s version is just so middle-of-the-road and anaemic. Awful awful awful

  6. Spencer

    Nah fam the love of his life is music including performing it. He is trapped with no ride and he left his old life behind then he stumbles upon the bar and sings his heart out in a joyful manor for he just completed his dream.

  7. Sparkflier fortyniner

    Nah fam Darius simply was wandering from his old life with nothing but music which he loves dearly. He has no destination and ends up in a concert where he rocks the place with an uplifting melody because the story isn’t sad for he fulfills his dream. Get it. Think deep

  8. Anonymous

    I think you need a hearing aid? This insestual off pitch garbage needed a remake. You don’t like it becuase darius is black period. Your ears are awful the only good thing about the old one is the live instruments. But your more worried about the video then any of that. The video doesn’t make the song the lyrics and sound do. The song is about a traveler so the song is sad to begin with and the video just portrays traveling. But the video also shows there is nothing wrong with that with a smile. Vs the hooker filled video. Don’t ever get me started on vocal talent when you said karaoke. The worthless white boy sounds more like the definition of a karaoke; terrible. And the song was never popular until Darius Rucker sung it. This isn’t your opinion this is you being a douchebag. You can’t sing because you’re tone deaf you can’t play an instrument because you’re not musically able and with your tone deafness you don’t hear music.

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