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31 Days of Halloween (2020): Lovecraftian Rock Opera, part II

As Dreams in the Witch House continues, Gilman is falling further under Keziah’s spell. Will he turn back in time?

6. No Turning Back

Nope. In one of the great songs on the album, Keziah arrives in her full glory. A combination of sultry and foreboding, Keziah draws Gilman further down the path of forbidden knowledge. Representing the seduction of forbidden knowledge, Keziah is a siren leading Gilman to his own destruction.

5 stars

7. Signum Crucis

As Gilman falls under Keziah’s spell, the devout people who live in the house with him take action. For they have seen the violet light underneath his door, the same light that sages throughout time have recognized as a sign of the satanic. Replete with heavy metal riffs, “Signum Crucis” introduces us to the witch’s familiar, Brown Jenkin.

4.5 stars

8. Nothing I Can Do

Gilman finds himself wondering the deserted streets of an ungodly city, not knowing whether his soul is forever lost. A ballad of despair, Kaziah comes to comfort Gilman, to help him see the inevitability of his fate.

4.5 stars

9. Legends and Lore

Of all the songs on the album, this one is my favorite. Imbuing Keziah with far more humanity than Lovecraft could ever have imagined, “Legends and Lore” is a testament to the genius of the HPHLS.

5 stars

10. The Sleepwalker

 Gilman falls further and further under the spell of Keziah, finding himself walking down the rain-streaked streets of Arkham.

3 stars

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Free Music Friday–Lost in My Mind by The Head and the Heart

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The Death of Good Music

It’s been long predicted and oft lamented, but you can’t read this article and not come away with the thought that popular music is in trouble.  I’ve decided to occasionally feature high quality songs–sometimes mainstream, sometimes independent–on the site.  I mean, why not, right?  Anyway, you may like some of it, all of it, or none of it, but at least you can’t say I didn’t try.  Up this week, the haunting tune “Video Games” by Lana Del Ray.  The video is pure Los Angeles in all its gritty glory.  Also, she has very large lips.

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