31 Days of Halloween (2018): The Haunting of Hill House

Today’s post is a simple one. It is an admonition. If you haven’t seen The Haunting of Hill House, go watch it. Right now. Put down the computer or the cell phone–unless that’s how you watch Netflix–and go. Then come back and talk to me.


You’ve certainly heard of The Haunting of Hill House. It is a phenomenon, and I anticipate it will only get bigger. And as is always the case with anything good that happens to the horror community (see every horror blockbuster slandered as “not really horror”), some people are badmouthing it. It’s not enough like the book (and?). It’s not scary enough (really?). There’s too much icky character development (sigh). Do me a favor.

Ignore the noise.

Yes, The Haunting of Hill House is not a straight interpretation of the excellent novel. Instead, it takes its inspiration from the book, faithfully creating a story that is true to both the spirit and the letter of Jackson’s work. In fact, one could imagine this story happening either before or after the events of the novel.

But honestly, who cares? At the end of the day, The Haunting of Hill House is another highlight in this golden age of horror, and a scary one at that. Do yourself a favor. Don’t miss it

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