31 Days of Halloween–Best Worst Movie

Bad movies are an amazing thing. Bad books generally end up forgotten, but bad movies can take on a cult-following of shocking size and power. Such is the story of Best Worst Movie, a documentary on the making, failure, and subsequent rebirth of Troll 2, generally regarded as the worst movie ever made.

Now I’ve never seen Troll 2, but I can tell you, I’ll see it now. I’ve watched many documentaries, not a few on horror movies. None are better than this one. The stars of Troll 2 take center stage, some 18 years after the movie wrapped. For the most part, they are ordinary people, engaged in ordinary professions, most of whom believe that Troll 2 was a dismal disaster, an embarrassment to be forgotten. But when they discover that Troll 2 has become a hit, they bask in their well-deserved fifteen minutes of fame.

Heart-warming, uplifting, and sometimes even sad, Best Worst Movie is far better than the film it chronicles.

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