Three Lovecraftian Novels You Should Buy Today

Lovecraft is all the rage these days, and if you are fan of Lovecraftian fiction, you’ve got about a thousand different choices. At least, if you are looking for short stories. Novels are a different kettle of fish. Maybe it’s because Lovecraft never wrote a novel himself or maybe it’s because it’s hard to sustain that feeling of creeping insanity over two hundred pages, but there aren’t all that many Lovecraftian novels out there (some people even claim that That Which Should Not Be is an anthology, to my eternal displeasure). So to help you in your search, I present to you three full-length novels that you should grab up immediately.

1. The Immortal Body by William Holloway

immortal The Immortal Body is squarely in the Lovecraftian genre, though Mr. Holloway has created a mythos that is entirely his own–albeit heavily influenced by the great  old one of Providence. The Immortal Body is, in many ways, a mystery novel. It is also a relentless thriller set in the modern world–also a rarity–that grabs on and  never lets go. A real treat.



2. Burning Times by J. G. Faherty

burning J. G. Faherty is a prolific writer in many different genres, but this contribution to the mythos may be his best. While The Immortal Body merely hints at the presence  of Lovecraftian deities, The Burning Times embraces them wholeheartedly, speculating on how the coming of a Nyarlathotep-type figure to a small town might  unleash the end of days, while also positing that there are forces that stand ready to fight for humanity.



3. Red Equinox by Douglas Wynne

red equinox I am totally cheating here (even the cover isn’t final). The truth is, Red Equinox isn’t out yet. But when it does come out, it needs to go straight to the top of your to-  read list. Centered in Boston and chronicling the efforts of the Starry Wisdom Cult to unleash Nyarlathotep (he’s a popular guy) so that he can open the  portals between worlds that will allow the Great Old Ones to Return, this novel manages to blend together the modern horro/thriller novel with weird fiction, not easy to do. Many of the classic Lovecraftian deities make an appearance, and the book is simply impossible  to put down. Watch for it, but don’t worry. When it comes out, I’ll let you know.


If none of these books meet your fancy, check out the Lovecraft eZine’s recommendations here. Or you know, you could always pick up That Which Should Not Be and The Void

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