What I’m Reading

People ask me this often, so I thought I’d share my latest reading list!

1. The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner–This may come as a surprise to some, but I’ve never read any Faulkner, so I am working my way through this one. It’s…different.

2. Front Porch by Greg Bastianelli–Greg was kind enough to send me an early copy of the follow up to his darkly wonderful Jokers Club. I’ve talked about this book a lot, but I’ll reiterate that it is one of the more underrated books I have read in the last few years.

3. Special Dead by Patrick Freivald–The sequel to the best zombie novel I’ve every read, Twice Shy, I’ve actually put off reading this book because I want to be able to savor it. I’ll be getting to it soon, particularly before Bram Stoker voting closes.

4. Steel Breeze by Douglas Wynne–Another follow up to another fantastic first novel–this time The Devil of Echo LakeSteel Breeze is one of the best reviewed books I have seen. Can’t wait to read it.


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3 responses to “What I’m Reading

  1. Ricky

    I haven’t read The Sound and The Fury yet, its up next. You must get on the Faulkner band wagon tho. My favorite is Intruder in the Dust…maybe its just the Shelby Foote in me, or perhaps its BC I really was once a young southern boy,and for that I will not be ashamed!

  2. Ricky

    Btw- The Sound and The Fury probably isn’t the easiest place to start a Faulkner foray. Ive e started it three different times but always find myself to busy to push through. Its kinda like starting a Tolstoy experience with War and Peace, feel me?

    I do highly recommend Intruder in the Dust or Sanctuary.
    Sanctuary is much more of a psychological exploration and all Faulkner has that stream of consciousness style, but as a southerner you owe it to yourself! Make that push, you’ll be a better man for it!

  3. Ha. Thanks. I am committed. I’ll do the other two as well. Been wanting to read Intruder in the Dust.

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