The Girl, A Fantastic Ghost Story From Bryan Hall

I’ve been circling around Bryan Hall’s Southern Hauntings Saga for a while now. I’m southern, I like hauntings, so really it only made sense. I read The Vagrant and liked it quite a bit, but it is with The Girl that the series really takes flight.

The Southern Hauntings Saga–sort of a combination of Sixth Sense and The Ghost Whisperer, follows Crate Northgate, a paranormal investigator of sorts that travels the country, trying to help people afflicted by restless spirits. Sometimes they are real; sometimes they aren’t. And sometimes the people he is trying to help harbor a dark secret.

From the description of the book:

In the second installment of The Southern Hauntings Saga, Crate Northgate arrives at a rural Appalachian home to help a family uncover the truth about what happened to their missing daughter and why her father is haunted by visions of her wandering their property. But the secret may be too much to bear; it’s weight too much to carry. More of Crate’s past is revealed, drawing you deeper into the mystery of his personal ghosts.

All in all, a terrific and chilling short story from Bryan Hall. I’m becoming a big fan of the Southern Hauntings Saga. Crate Northgate just gets better and better. Highly recommended.

5 Stars

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