Another Great Review, This Time in Horror World

For whatever reason, reviews seem to come in waves.  I think people read the first wave of reviews, decide to read the book, all finish about the same time, and then write reviews.  Whatever the case may be, Horror World published an excellent–and incredibly in depth–review of That Which Should Not Be yesterday.  I continue to feel incredibly blessed by TWSNB’s success.  The second book is in the hands of the publishers.  Let’s hope we avoid the sophomore slump . . .

“Finally, it is easy to see why this first novel of Brett J. Talley’s has received the notice and acclaim that have followed it, and That Which Should Not Be marks a welcome and stylishly enjoyable addition to the Lovecraftian Mythos as well as a promising and talented introduction of a new authorial talent to the horror genre in Brett J. Talley. I know that I, for one, will be looking forward with great anticipation to his next novel.”

Norm Rubenstein–Horror World

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