Literary Pretension

Writing a book is sorta like running for president; you’ve got to be a little bit full of yourself to do it.  I mean seriously, how much of an egomaniac do you have to be to think anybody cares what you think about much of anything?

Oh no! How ever will I tell what kind of book this is?!

Yesterday I noticed something that seems to really exemplify this tendency.  I was in a book store, buying a guide for monster hunting.  I happened to glance at a table of “literary fiction.”  Written on every book was the phrase, “A Novel.”  So for instance, you might have a book called, The Pretension of the Novelist.  And then, somewhere randomly on the cover it would say,  A Novel. 

A novel?  What, am I stupid?  Are you concerned that I thought The Art of Fielding was actually an instructional guide on defensive baseball?  I don’t know, maybe I’m overreacting.  What do you think?

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One response to “Literary Pretension

  1. Very funny and true. Kind of makes me want to add “Not a Novel” to my book covers ;p

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