On A Roll With Good Books Lately; Poison and Wine

Don’t know what it is, but the last few books I’ve read have been terrific.  Right now I’m reading J.G. Faherty’s Cemetery Club.  (I’d tell you where to buy it, but it’s not out yet.  Benefits of being a published author.)  I’m about half way through and already can tell that it’s going to get a high rating.  Still not sure exactly what is going on (which is a good thing), but the characters are great.

On a different note, the Grammy’s were actually quite good this year, putting aside the whole exorcism thing.  I would have liked to see the Civil Wars perform an entire song, but the return of Adele was worth the price of admission.  Hopefully, her success will remind people that true greatness is not born of flashy performances or attempts to out extreme each other, but rather lyrics that connect with the listener and talent that almost makes you not care what they are.

In celebration of the Grammy’s, below is one of my favorite Civil Wars songs.  Lady Antebellum couldn’t sound this good in their dreams.


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