Support the Navy SEALS and Read Great Fiction at the Same Time!

My good friend Jeffrey Wilson, author of the Traiteur’s Ring and American hero, is running a benefit for the Navy SEALS this month.  See the details below.  If you are interested in helping, buy his book here.  My review of The Traiteur’s Ring is available here.  

“As you know, on August 6th the Naval Special Warfare community suffered a tremendous blow, with the worst single day loss of life in its history, when a Special Operations helicopter with Navy SEALs and support personnel onboard was shot down by insurgents in Afghanistan. Like everyone tied to the community, I lost friends that day. As a result, I asked Chris Payne at JournalStone if he would help me with a fund raiser for NSF, which uses 100% of its funds to directly support wounded SEALS and other NSW personnel and also supports the families left behind when community members are killed.
In February 100% of royalties and JournalStones proceeds from the sales of THE TRAITEUR’S RING in any format or from any bookseller will be donated to NSF to support their mission.”

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