The Traiteur’s Ring

A man who chose to defend his country as a Navy SEAL discovers that fate has in store for him an even higher calling. In the Traiteur’s Ring, Jeffrey Wilson weaves a masterful tale of Ben Morvant, a Special Forces operator from Louisiana whose Cajun ancestry carries with it both a mysterious gift and a dark secret from his past. It is only on a covert mission in the art of al Qaeda controlled Africa that Ben comes to learn the true power that resides within him and the higher calling that he must answer.

The Traiteur’s Ring is a unique blend of several different genres. It manages to meld elements of action-adventures, military thrillers, and mystic horror into one coherent and entertaining plot that envelops the reader. We care not only about Ben, but also his wife back home, the team of SEALS that are his brothers, and the innocent people they seek to protect. And Wilson’s background in the military shines through on every page; we believe in Ben’s gift because we believe in Ben.

The Traiteur’s Ring is a truly unique story in a genre that so seldom produces uniqueness. I recommend it highly, my only caveat being that there are some genre fans who may find the depth of character development to be simply too detailed. But if you are the type of reader who wants characters that are complex and developed, with back stories and real lives beyond the glimpses we see in the pages, then Wilson has crafted the perfect book for you.

5 Stars

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