Abyssal Plain Updates

Happy Winter Solstice, friends. Remember not to call up that which you cannot put down.

The Abyssal Plain: The R’yleh Cycle has been out for about a month now and it’s doing great, thanks to all of you. Reviews have started to come in, and they’ve been very good. I hope that you’ll continue to post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads as you finish the book. There’s no greater gift you can give to an author than a review. So much depends on them.

With the book launching so late in the year, I didn’t expect to make any Best Of lists. Turns out, I was wrong. Richard Auffrey has The Abyssal Plain on his Best of the Year list, and I can’t tell you how honored I am. I’ve been reading Richard’s blog and book reviews for a very long time, and there are few people in the business I respect more than him.

So give yourself an early Christmas present or a right on time Solstice gift and pick up The Abyssal Plain. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

And as a bonus, go check out the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society’s A Solstice Carol. It’s fantastic, and just one of the great holiday offerings from the society.

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