31 Days of Halloween (2019)

Ah, October. The one time of the year most people actually like horror. (Seriously, if you’re a horror writer, the number of times people tell you they’d read your books if only they liked scary stories becomes crushingly depressing). This October represents a bit of a rebirth for me. After two years in an extremely demanding job that left no time for life out of work, I’ve moved back to Alabama and started to think seriously about writing again. I’ve got a new book coming out in November, an anthology I edited and contributed to that I think you are gonna like. I’m doing a few interviews soon, and I’ll make sure to post about those here.

And then there’s this little demon.

Starting her early.

Am I typing this post with one hand while holding a baby? Yes, yes I am. Like I said, it’s a time of new beginnings. And guess what? I have another book I’ll be reading to her, a book I read every year, a book with a chapter for every day of October.

This whole fatherhood thing is going to work out.

So Happy October to you all. Let’s have some fun.

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