31 Days of Halloween: Movie Review of Honeymoon

I enjoy quiet horror as much as the next guy, but sometimes, horror can be too quiet. Such is the problem with Honeymoon, a horror movie that has a kernel of a good film at its center, but lacks the story to go along with it.

Perhaps the best part about Honeymoon is its leads. Rose Leslie (she of the “You know nothing John Snow” Game of Thrones fame) plays Bea, while Harry Treadaway joins her as her newlywed husband, Paul. They take the eponymous honeymoon to a lakeside cabin from Bea’s childhood, but what they find is something…otherworldly.

What can you say about this movie? It’s not boring, despite the slow burn that never quite pays off. Treadaway and Leslie carry the film (there’s only two other actors listed), and despite their atrocious accents, we believe in them as a couple. So when things go strange, we are in it with them. And that’s important. Given how little we actually see, if we didn’t believe in the characters, we’d lose the movie completely. Still, the plot holes come fast and hard. I won’t spoil the movie for you, but they are there, and you won’t have trouble finding them.

In the end, Honeymooon is a nice hour and half diversion. It won’t change your life, and it certainly won’t stick with you. But you could do worse on a lonely October night.

3 Stars

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