Check Out My Profile Piece in the Washington Post

This whole writing thing occasionally leads to surreal experiences. A week ago, I spent a couple hours in a rundown cemetery with a Washington Post reporter and a photographer and this was the result. As many of you know, I work in politics, where people find themselves in the news all the time. But I’m not exactly used to it, so I feel pretty blessed to have the opportunity to share a bit of my story with the world. Anyway, it’s a fun–and frankly hilarious–article. I hope you enjoy it.

Sen. Rob Portman’s communications director is the antichrist.

More accurately, Caitlin Conant (née Dunn) is the namesake of the antichrist in her co-worker’s latest work of horror fiction. In reality, she’s quite nice. “I wanted her to be important. I wanted her to be a major character,” says Brett Talley, 33, who, in addition to being Portman’s speechwriter, is an author of three published horror novels and two “true ghost” stories.

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