Nights At 9:30 Club, With Noah & The Whale and The Head and the Heart

I have been woefully negligent on my concert updates as of late, so consider this a refresher. Back in October and November, I attended a couple fantastic concerts at the venerable 9:30 Club, and I would highly recommend that folks who are fans of good music (i.e., not what you hear on the Top 40 Radio) should check out these artists when they come to your town. First, Noah & the Whale.

This band–which derives its name from the rare Biblical pun–hails from jolly old England, gov’ner. And like many of their countrymen before them, they have a talent for lyrical composition. Their songs tend to tell a story, a style of music-making that I have always preferred.  They are a band that’s a lot of fun, and you should check them out. 

A couple weeks later, it was The Head and the Heart. Now, I gotta say, THTH is pretty much my favorite contemporary band active today. Their first album–self-titled–was, simply put, a masterpiece. Every song, from beginning to end, is brilliant. And it actually holds up as an album–you don’t get the feeling that ten random songs were just thrown together. Their second album, “Let’s Be Still,” is also very good and worth a listen. If they come to your town, go. I promise you’ll become a fan. 




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