Terminal Island

I had the pleasure of receiving an early copy of Terminal Island, and I enjoyed it so much that I gave it an endorsement. I’ll begin this review by saying what I said there–“A psychedelic descent into madness and cultural insanity, Greatshell has given us a tale of ancient gods and nameless cults that practice their rites not in some wasted land far away, but right in our backyard. This book never slows down until the high energy climax.”

How to describe this book? A man decides to reconnect with his mother. Insanity ensues. Yep, that’s about all one can say without giving anything away. The book takes place on Catalina Island, and it is my impression that the description of the place is pretty accurate. For those who don’t know, Catalina Island is only a few miles off the coast of Los Angeles (I imagine folks from the area will find this book to be quite a trip.) Choosing to place the madness of the narrative so close to civilization is a brilliant choice by Greatshell.

I’m being vague–more so than I like in a review–so let me just say this. If you enjoy mysteries, if you like to have your mind blown, if you like to never know what is real and what is imagined, and if you like a touch of the Lovecraftian in your fiction, check out this book. I think you’ll enjoy it.

5 Stars

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