Best of 2012 lists are flying around, and here is John Palisano’s. He lists some terrific reads here, including The Void by yours truly…

All That Withers

Some of my favorite writings of 2012.

Pitting artistic works against one another to find out who the ‘best’ is always rubbed me the wrong way. What speaks to me may not speak to you, and that doesn’t mean either is any better or any worse. So instead of saying these were the best of last year, how about knowing these were works I really enjoyed. There were a lot more I wanted to read during the year, but didn’t get a chance. I’ll make up for it soon, but there’s only so much time. Without further delay:

Lisa Morton’s amazing collection of work this year was unbelievable. “Trick Or Treat: A History Oh Halloween”, “The Legend Of Halloween Jack”, “Hell Manor” and “Witch Hunts: A Graphic  History of the Burning Times”. It is awesome seeing just how multi-talented Morton is in many different mediums. Each of these is fantastic…

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  1. Loved reeading this thanks

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