A Superfluous Man

Quite obviously the worst book A Superfluous Man will review this year (and there was some stiff competition).

Title:The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown

Motivation: Like an albino Opus Dei-affiliated monk who penitently mortifies his flesh with flagellum and cilice, A Superfluous Man regularly subjects his sinful soul to Mr. Brown’s execrable writings.

Completed: June 22, 2012 (#42)

Recommendation: You know you will regret it, but you will probably read it anyway, if only to keep up with Tom Hanks when the inevitable movie is released.

There are entire fetid corners of the Internets devoted to deconstructing the claims of Mr. Brown’s famous The Da Vinci Code, claims that the author may in fact actually believe. As for whether it is in fact the case that Clovis I was a lineal descendant of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, let Wittgenstein have the last word:…

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