The Secret to Why I Can’t Spell — English is Stoopid

I always think people who are proud of their grammatical and spelling abilities are funny.  English is the most gosh-darn ridiculous language since people first scratched lines on clay shards somewhere in Mesopotamia.  If you are somehow an expert in it, I’m not sure that is necessarily something you want to brag about.  If you doubt me, read this article.


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4 responses to “The Secret to Why I Can’t Spell — English is Stoopid

  1. Sorry! I’m OUT and PROUD about my hard-earned grammatical and spelling abilities. I literally cringe when people “should of went” or note that Johnny had “less apples” then Mary. I especially groan when to see it in writing.

    If I had to sit through 12 torturous years of Catholic school to learn my p’s and q’s I’m not letting anyone else off easy! Just sayin’.


  2. LOL! By the way, typos are different! I am now groaning when to see my typo in writing without being able to edit it!

  3. brettjtalley

    Funny thing about that, I didn’t even notice the typo. 😉

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