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My Bram Stoker Recommendations…so far

It’s that time of year! I’ve been reading lots of fantastic horror this year and I’ve already made many recommendations for the Horror Writers Association’s Bram Stoker Award. (It’s a perk of the job, getting all these free books). Here are the books I have recommended so far, though I’m considering a whole lot more (Benjamin¬†Kane Ethridge’s Bottled Abyss, of which I am half through, is almost certainly going to get one, as is Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations, a fantastic anthology). It goes without saying that I would recommend these books to anyone who likes horror, without reservation. In no particular order…

  • He Waits by J.G. Faherty in Best Long Fiction
  • When We Join Jesus In Hell by Lee Thompson in Best Long Fiction
  • The Croning by Laird Barron in Best (first) Novel. (I voted for this one for Best First Novel, cause I am pretty sure that it is a first novel. Looks like the votes are being tabulated in Best Novel, which is fine.)
  • The Donors by Jeff Wilson in Best Novel
  • Cemetery Club by J.G. Faherty in Best Novel
  • Devil of Echo Lake by Douglas Wynne in Best First Novel
  • Twice Shy by Patrick¬†Freivald in Best First Novel
  • Cold Spot by J.G. Faherty in Best Long Fiction

I’m also a part of the Long Fiction Jury this year, and let me tell you, narrowing the many selections we have received to five worthy contenders has been very difficult. Hope you guy check out some of these books. They really are that good.

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