31 Days of Halloween (2020): More Horror Shorts

The title says it all!


A simple concept that I’m surprised I’ve never seen before, Whisper will have you ditching your smart speaker.

I Heard It, Too

You’ve probably read the two sentence horror story, and here it is put to film in this creepy short. Cute kids always get me, man.


Sometimes childhood is best left behind. Not a lot happens here that will surprise you, but a fun ride nonetheless.

The Midnight Jester

Clowns, am I right? I feel sorry for real clowns, just out there trying to do their clown thing and make people laugh. This clown? Not so funny.

The Smiling Man

This short is just freaky. Once again. Kids.

One Last Dive

The shortest short on the list.

He Dies at the End

This one is both funny and clever.

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