31 Days of Halloween: Autumn Cthulhu

61dth-khnqlSometimes I feel like Lovecraft’s stories take place on a perpetual late fall day, leaves falling from the trees, the grass dead and  dying, a chill in the air. So it’s surprising that no one came up with an idea like Autumn Cthulhu before.

In case you fell asleep for the last decade, Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos are ascendant. In this golden age, we’ve seen some of the best Lovecraftian novels and anthologies ever put to print. But that comes with a problem–over-saturation, a flood of more-of-the-same, cut and paste drivel designed only to capitalize on the phenomenon and make some money.

Which is why Autumn Cthulhu is such a pleasant surprise and a resounding success.

I’m not going to do that thing where I go through each story and rate them. Some are better than others, but that’s always the case. What’s not always the case is that every story is good, and many of them are great.

And I think it is the theme, pulled together by Mike Davis, that sets the stage for that level of quality. Every story is infused with the feeling of autumn. On the hottest day you’ll feel a chill in the air when you read this book.

It goes without saying–I recommend this book highly and without reservation. You will not be disappointed

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