31 Days of Halloween: Review of The Taking of Deborah Logan

if you are looking for a creepy movie to watch this Halloween season, you could do a lot worse than The Taking of Deborah Logan. I know a lot of you don’t like found-footage films, but I love them. I know, I know. It’s unrealistic and can be annoying at times, but they are popular for a reason. It’s hard to beat the immediacy of the psuedo-documentary. But I know I’m not going to convince you, so at least take my word on this–Deborah Logan is a film that can work for even the most jaded of viewers.

A big reason for that is the set-up. We begin our tale with a documentary film crew studying the ravages of Alzheimer’s. They decide to track the progression of the disease in one Deborah Logan, setting up cameras around the house and filming her family as the disease takes hold. It goes without saying that strange things happen, but because of the setup, we never really fall into the “why are they still filming” trap that infects so many of these movies. Even at the end when things go well over the top, there is still a reason why filming continues, which helps those of you who can’t suspend their disbelief survive.

The Taking of Deborah Logan is a creepy film. It’s not perfect, and the ending is not worthy of the beginning. But nevertheless, it is well worth a watch on some cold, October evening. Enjoy.

4 stars

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