Nights in the Lonesome October

So I admit–I’ve neglected this blog in 2015. I got a new job, moved, got married, published my latest book. In short, I’ve been busy. So I’m going to try and make it up to you. It’s October. The greatest, the darkest, the most horrifying of all months. And this month, I want to fill my blog with horror suggestions, reviews, and just plain goodies. I’m starting today with my favorite thing about the season.

This book, A Night in the Lonesome October.

31 Chapters, one for each day of this most auspicious month. The story of openers and closers, those who would throw wide the gates allowing the Old Ones to return, and those who have vowed to keep them shut. And their battle will culminate on Halloween night. Oh yeah, did I mention the whole story is told from the perspective of a dog?

A delightful story, one that can be shared with children or adults alike, I make it my practice to re-read Lonesome October every year as Halloween approaches.

And I start again tonight.

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