Review of the Fantastic Jade Sky–Five Stars

To sum it up in one sentence–Jade Sky is a fun novel. It’s action packed from the get go and never really lets up. The first in what appears to be a series, author Patrick Freivald has obviously put a lot of thought into the world he is trying to build. Because of that complexity, the first few chapters are confusing and a couple border on almost too conveniently expositional, but readers are encouraged to stick with it. Once Jade Sky hits its groove, it’s off to the races.

Some may be put off by the violence and the gore, but if so, why are you reading this book in the first place? You know what you are getting, and Jade Sky gives it to you. Frankly, that’s why I gave it five stars. Jade Sky does exactly what it seeks to do, and does it well. Is it as good as Freivald’s Twice Shy? Not quite. That book was, in my view nearly perfect. The plot in Jade Sky, while terrific, isn’t quite as good, and the characterizations pale in comparison. This is, after all, an action novel at heart. But when toe-to-toe to other similar thrillers? Jade Sky shines.

If you love action, if you love thrillers, if you love a little sci-fi magic, don’t let Jade Sky pass you by.

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