That Which Should Not Be and Limbus, Inc. in New Horror Bundle

So if you’ve been wanting to read my books and can’t afford them, this may be the best news ever. That Which Should Not Be and Limbus, Inc. are both included in the Gallery of Horrors bundle from StoryBundle. This is quite an honor for me, and it’s an amazing opportunity for you. Not only can you get my books–both of them–for as little as three dollars, but you also get SEVEN other horror novels from some of the very best in the business. Below is how the curator describes TWSNB and Limbus, followed by the link to buy the books!

That Which Should Not Be–This book reads like a classic Lovecraftian horror novel, and in many ways is a love letter to that author. The theme, mood, and prose all float above a current of impending doom. I selected this book with fans of classic horror literature in mind

Limbus, Inc.–The writers who came together to make this collection are no strangers to horror. Not only is this collection superbly written, but the stories are expertly told, weaving together, amounting to something reminiscent of old Outer Limits and Twilight Zone episodes.


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