Hong Kong, The Pearl of the Orient

My journey began in Hong Kong, where, after a sixteen hour flight from Chicago, I met up with my very good friends, Wallace and Mayu. At the time, they were living up the ex-pat life, residing in an apartment in Discovery Bay with a nightly view of Hong Kong Disney’s fireworks show.


Hong Kong was, for the most part, a port in the traveling storm, a place to adjust from the massive and unforgiving jet-lag that accompanies a trip where entire days vanish. And while I would recommend that any traveler visit Hong Kong at least once, there isn’t all that much to recommend it. My favorite part might have been the raccoon in the city zoo.


Apparently, we call them Washing Bears.

Apparently, we call them Washing Bears.

Which isn’t to say that Hong Kong isn’t an impressive city. Seen from Mount Victoria, the highest peak in the region, it’s stunning to believe that such a large metropolis was more or less carved from the rock.

hong kong

It also has its share of strange Chinese-to-English translations, like this Burger King where you can get a Heineken and “Mexican Drum Sticks,” whatever that is.


mexican drum sticks


And occasionally, you run into a friendly face…

romney ryan bush reagan


Hong Kong, however, was only the beginning, the gateway into a much grander adventure. Next stop, Singapore!

Hong Kong at night

Hong Kong at night

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