Review of the Conjuring–4.5 Stars

conjuringLet’s cut to the chase—see this movie, and see it now.

The Conjuring is a story from the case files of Ed and Lorraine Warren, two of the most famous paranormal investigators in the world. It follows the family of Carolyn and Roger Parren as they endure a frightening and malevolent spirit that is threatening not only their sanity, but their very lives.

The Conjuring is a scary movie, and it accomplishes that in the old way. It reminded me of The Haunting in that it builds the tension and suspense slowly, relying on sounds in the dark and movement in the shadows for its scares. And when the ghouls do appear, it’s absolutely terrifying. The jump scares are limited so as not to lose their power, and they are effective when deployed. The Conjuring is intense, and even if it loses some of its steam during the denouement, it will scare you.

4.5 Stars

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