99 Cents for That Which Should Not Be and The Void

Front-Cover-Imagevoid cover2If you’ve been waiting to pick up one of my books, this weekend is the time. E-copies of both That Which Should Not Be and The Void are available on Amazon for just 99 cents. And if that’s not enough, ALL of Journalstone’s award winning novels–Ter0v0las, Twice Shy, Jokers Cluband The Devil of Echo Lakeare also available for 99 cents. That’s a lot of great books for less than six dollars. Buy them. What do you have to lose?

Oh, and did I say this weekend? I meant right NOW! Already got them? Send them to your friends as a gift!


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5 responses to “99 Cents for That Which Should Not Be and The Void

  1. What a deal! These are both fantastic–readers can find my reviews of both books on GoodReads, then get these books!

  2. haha! that means 89 cent in euro 🙂 best from austria!

  3. Bummer, sale only on Amazon, no change on Barnes & Nobles.

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