Nice Review of The Void

Over at The Bookworm’s Lair. Interestingly, he wasn’t a huge fan of That Which Should Not Be, something that I have found to be quite common. People who love TWSNB are disappointed in The Void. People who didn’t like it love The Void. I wonder why? Any theories? An excerpt from the review:

It’s no exaggeration to say that THE VOID is one of the best horror novels I read in 2012 (yes, I’m a bit late in writing this review in February 2013). I had previously read Brett Talley’s previous novel, THAT WHICH SHOULD NOT BE, a fun contribution to the Cthulhu Mythos that ties a few other horror tropes to Lovecraft’s world in interesting ways, but it in no way prepared me for what I could expect from his latest. THE VOID is, in my experience, a rare beast: a science fiction novel that successfully blends the genre with strong horror elements.

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  1. Actually, I was a fan of That Which Should Not Be! Here’s my review of your first effort:

    In any case, glad you liked the review.


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