To the person who reached my site searching “that which should not be brett j talley mobi free torrent download”

I hope you found what you were looking for.


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2 responses to “To the person who reached my site searching “that which should not be brett j talley mobi free torrent download”

  1. Pete

    Greetings, just thought I’d comment because I found this curious. I arrived at this page also by using a Google search, though a different one. An acquaintance passed me a copy of this book a week ago, telling me I absolutely had to read it. To be honest, I had never heard of you prior to that moment.. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, it whiled away a few very wet evenings and left me wanting more. I have since bought this and a couple other books from Amazon and look forward to reading them. Now, what prompted my response to this particular post of yours, is the fact that the Google search popped up a staggering number of links to your books, all of them on what I assume are questionable sites.

    I’m not going to defend or attempt to justify sharing of books whether through torrents or other methods, but I have found in the past that searching for one author or another on-line, has led me to find other authors who I would otherwise never have heard of. Many of the discoveries were via sharing sites – collections of similar books. This alone has led me to discover several authors whom have become my favourites and I’ve purchased pretty much everything they’ve written. It would be nice if the people who spent so much of their energy collecting and sharing all these books, would spend just a small amount of that energy reviewing and collating instead. There are too few sites which offer good reviews of books in popular genres. It is a shame that there is so much energy spent on illegal activities rather than something which would help people like myself to discover authors outside of the mainstream giants.

    I tend to go for e-books mostly because of the convenience, easy storage and price. Amazon saves me an absolute fortune in that ebooks are far cheaper than their real world, printed counterparts. This is an essential requirement for me as I’m on a limited income, have limited space and read voraciously. In fairness to Amazon, they have been improving their search and recommendation systems, and I’m seeing more books and authors now in the fields that I read than over the past few years, and Google is becoming less of a tool for me. I still spend far more than I should on books, but it is only fair that an author should be rewarded for their work. At least now with e-books I can buy several for the price of one printed copy.

    I can understand how depressing it must be to see your work shared on-line for free, without your consent. I’ve suffered similarly in the past, although in an entirely different field of endeavor. But, don’t let it get to you, and whatever else you may think, don’t stop writing.

    • Thank you so much for such a well-written and informative comment. I will probably write on this on the blog in more detail, using you as a jump off. Honestly, I am not going to make a living off of my writing. Lovecraftian fiction is never going to be at the top of the best seller list, and that’s fine with me. I’d be happy to give a copy of my books to every person in America if they’d read it. The problem with sharing sites, as I see it, are two fold. Number 1, people could at least review the books they download. Honestly, a single review is worth more to me than a single purchase, and I hope everyone who enjoys my books takes a moment to visit Amazon. The second problem is more difficult to handle. Those of us who are in the Indie publishing world rarely have book deals. We publish book to book, and if the sales on the last book are bad, that can be the end of your relationship with a publisher. So downloading books from an author you like can mean you don’t get to read much from that author. Thank you again for you kind words. I hope you enjoy the other books, and I hope you’ll leave a review!

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