Catching Up–Finally Started On My New Book

Hello everyone. Wanted to drop a note and let you all know how I’m doing. I’ve been a bit of a stranger these last few months. My last job had me working 7 days a week, and I had very little time for anything other than that. But now, I’m back to a more normal schedule. Today I put the finishing touches on a frame I’ve been working on for a project with some other notable horror authors–Anne Petty, Jonathan Maberry, Joseph Nassise, and Benjamin Kane Ethridge. Some real rock stars, and I think now that I am finishing up the final product should be announced soon. I’ll have my section off to the editors on Sunday, and we can move forward from there.

On the novel front, I am FINALLY starting on the sequel to That Which Should Not Be. I am both excited and terrified by this prospect. TWSNB was a rather unique book–four stories told by four different men coming together with one overarching story to produce the final effect. When I wrote it, I didn’t think it was all that complicated. But looking back, I guess that was a pretty cool feat. In any event, the style with this book will be different by necessity, so I have to figure out how to manage that. I have good ideas with the plot–Lovecraftian deities will be present–just have to nail down the approach. Until next time…


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3 responses to “Catching Up–Finally Started On My New Book

  1. WOO HOO!!!!!! I can’t wait!!

  2. That’s wonderful news! I ate up TWSNB, gave it 5 star reviews, and now I’m reading The Void–and was wishing for another Talley fix. Truly a refreshing voice in horror.

    • brettjtalley

      Thanks for the kind words, guys. I’ll be publishing a “shared-world” novel soon with Joe Nassise, Anne Petty, Jonathan Maberry, and Benjamin Kane Ethridge which I think people are really going to enjoy.

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