Another Good Review of That Which Should Not Be

Read it in its entirety here.

What these stories always offer is a rich world where a great evil creates darkness in the tale that is both inviting and holds great interest. In Brett J. Talley’s That Which Should Not Be I have to admit I think I’ve found one of the best homages to Lovecraft I have read. I’d go so far as to use the almost cheesy line that it’s “a Love letter to the work of Lovecraft”. Anybody with any interest in Lovecraft’s work will recognise the style of writing and the on-going themes that Talley has pulled into the book, if you ever wanted an introduction to Lovecraft then this is a good place to start. I’d go so far as to say if you read this and enjoy it as much as I did then you should push yourself into reading some Lovecraft, it’s not as accessible as this book but it does share a lot of the style that Brett J. Talley manages to re-create in his work.

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