That Which Should Not Be, Bram Stoker Award Nominee

Hi everyone.  I wanted to share some news and thank some people who need thanking.  Today, the Horror Writers Association released the nominees for the Bram Stoker Awards, the most prestigious award in the horror industry.  I am honored that my book, That Which Should Not Be, was nominated in the First Novel Category with four other terrific works.  (This next bit is going to read like an Oscar acceptance speech).

I have a ton of people to thank.  First of all my parents, Mike and Sue Talley, who instilled in me at an early age a love of reading and encouraged me as a writer.  I think most parents response to “I’m gonna write a book” is “Why don’t you get a real job?”  They were ceaseless in their support, and I love them all the more for it.  A big thanks to Erin Sullivan, who convinced me to start writing in the first place even when I thought there was no way I could even finish a book, much less finish a good one.  Maybe That Which Should Not Be would have been written some day, but it wouldn’t have been written now.  I owe her immensely.  I’m also deeply indebted to Tasha Parrish and Marguerite De Voll.  That they read the book and loved it went a long way to convincing me I might have something good on my hands.  And finally thank you to Annie Donaldson.  She read the book a half dozen times, edited every page, made suggestions throughout, and had a huge hand in makingThat Which Should Not Be the novel it became.  (Yes, all the people who read my book in the pre-publication stage were women.  Not sure what that means . . .).

Thank you to all the agents who rejected the book.  If you hadn’t done so, I never would have fallen into the hands of Christopher Payne and JournalStone.  They have worked tirelessly to market my book, and I would recommend them to anybody.  Thanks to Elizabeth Reuter for finding my numerous errors.  And what can I say about Denise Daniel and Philip Renne and their cover?  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Finally to Amy Eye, Cambria Hebert, Cassie McCown and all the bloggers who gave an unknown writer a place to talk about his unknown book, I am forever grateful.

I love you all, and who knows?  Maybe we can win this thing.

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