Coming Soon: My Interview with J.G. Faherty, Author of Ghosts of Coronado Bay has invited me to do a series of interviews with authors who contributed to the JournalStone Anthology, 90 Minutes To Live.  The first will be with J.G. Faherty, who was kind enough to include his story “Uninvited” in the collection.  For those of you who love Young Adult, J.G.’s Ghosts of Coronado Bay has been highly praised, with calling it a “brilliant combination of teen romance, paranormal abilities and activities, rustic pirate characters and comedy.”  Exciting huh?

So why is J.G. slumming it with a schlub like me?  He’s a charitable guy, and all proceeds from 90 Minutes to Live go straight to the medical fund for Rocky Wood, president of the Horror Writers Association, who is suffering from A.L.S.  So keep your eyes open, and while you wait, pick up a copy of 90 Minutes to Live and support a good cause.  They were even kind enough to include one of my own stories!

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