The Funniest Blog Post in the History of Blog Posts

I’ve come to terms with that fact that I am not internet funny.  I mean, I think I am pretty humorous in person.  It’s a dry humor that stupid people don’t always get, but I am usually able to generate some chuckles, a few guffaws, and the occasional belly laugh.  But internet funny?  Can’t do it.  I can write horror, but comedy is just not my bag.  And that’s too bad.  People like funny.  If I was funny, more people would read my blog.  Fortunately, I believe I have stumbled upon a solution — steal from other people!  And so I give to you the Bloggess, one of the funniest women on the internet.  It’s gonna be tough to top this one . . .

The Iron Chicken




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2 responses to “The Funniest Blog Post in the History of Blog Posts

  1. Well, actually i am a lazy person, since her blog is soooooooooo long, i think i wouldn’t care to read it personally but if you would like to tell me how she is funny, or give me ideas about it, i think i may change my mind 🙂

    • brettjtalley

      Sometimes humor comes in bite sized pieces, like a Little Debbie cake. Other times it is more like a meal to be savored. This is the latter.

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