Christmas Lites

The best part about publishing a book is that people instantly think of you differently. You are no longer a writer; you’re a writer. And then everything changes. All of the sudden, you have all this cache. “Oh, he liked that book? Well it must be good. After all, he’s a writer.” Next thing you know, people are asking you to write short stories for their anthologies. That’s how I ended up writing a story for this anthology, Christmas Lites. And let me tell you, was I full of myself. I was the big published writer man gonna do a short story. You can imagine how disgusted, horrified, and downright disappointed I was when I received my copy of the final anthology and realized, alas, not only is my story not the best of the bunch, it’s not even in the top five. And hey, I like my story!

Christmas Lites is almost the perfect anthology. If you read an anthology and you like every story you come across, then the editors failed you. A great anthology takes a common thread and twists it and turns it until you can’t tell if it is supposed to be a sweater or a jock strap. That’s what you get in Christmas Lites. Ghosts and zombies and ninja elves and everything in between. Will you like it all? Probably not. But I can guarantee you there is something for everyone. Given that the proceeds all go to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, I can’t think of a better Christmas gift for you or someone in your family. So pick up a copy and give it a read. Who knows, you might even like my story . . .

5 Stars

3 responses to “Christmas Lites

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  2. This is seriously your best post ever! Humble, humor and supportive!!!

  3. Angela Yuriko Smith

    I’m with you Brett… I haven’t had time to get very far into the book but the stories I’ve read so far have impressed me. It is a worthy project for a worthy cause.

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