“He Who Walks in Shadow is one of the best books of 2015.”

Acclaimed horror novelist Glenn Rolfe has released his Best of 2015 list, and He Who Walks In Shadow has made the top 10! Who am I kidding, it actually made the Top 3. Rolfe has one of the best horror novels of the year in his own right, Blood and Rain, and any fan of the genre–especially if you like your horror with some werewolf bite–should check it out. But first, take a look at his site. Here’s what he had to say about me.

He Who Walks in Shadow is author Brett J. Talley’s follow-up to That Which Should Not Be. Do you need to read the latter to get into this new one? No. I think the story is compelling and the characters written well enough to introduce you to them even if for the first time.

In this adventure, taking place in 1933, we follow Carter Weston, Henry Armitage, and Carter’s daughter, Rachel Jones. They are out to prevent the end of the world as we know it. Their number one adversary, Nyarlathotep, is a god of darkness who wishes to vanquish our people to bring forth his own.
Along the way our trio meets others willing to join in the crusade, and are also in a race against one of Carter’s old (human) nemesis, Erich Zann.  Who will survive? Can this ancient evil be thwarted?

He Who Walks in Shadow is one of the best books of 2015. Part supernatural horror, part Robert Langdon meets Indiana Jones, this is a terrific adventure story about a group of people willing to sacrifice all that they love for the greater good of mankind. While not my favorite “horror” story of the year, it is definitely one of my favorite all-around stories.



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