A Take on an Old Reliable That Doesn’t Work As It Should – A Review of That Which Should Not Be by Brett J. Talley

I always tell new writers that you can’t get too hung up with bad reviews because not everybody is going to like what you do. This very thoughtful, very lengthy review of That Which Should Not Be is a good example of that. There’s not much I can disagree with in it, so I thought I’d share it for those fans of the book who might be interested in another take…

Occasionally Random Book Reviews

 photo bigthatwhichshouldnotbe_zps806c09bc.jpg

When I was younger, I was not overly fond of horror. I attributed this to watching Child’s Play when I was probably far too young to be watching it, compounded by seeing Gremlins soon after. I have never been the same since, and if I am alone in a room with dolls (especially those giant “walking dolls” that were popular in the mid-’80s – I had one of those and I was terrified of it after Child’s Play), I get nervous. And do not get me started on Furbies: a somewhat-misguided aunt thought that I would appreciate one, and gave me one of the first models when I was in high school, giving another one to my then still-in-grade-school sister. I didn’t so much as try to put the batteries in mine, though my sister did start hers up, and I nearly destroyed it throwing it down on the…

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