Giveaway of The Void

Hey everybody.  My new book, The Void, is dropping this coming Friday the 13th.  In honor of that, I am hosting a give away of five copies of the book.

These are first edition special prints we did for the HWA convention in March. The good part is that they are individually numbered and there’s only a hundred of them, so they might be worth something one day.  The bad part is that they were a rush print, so we had no time to edit them.  I finished up the final edit last week, and I can promise you this–there are typos. Typos have never bothered me when I am reading, but I know that’s not the case for some of you.  So if you hate typos, don’t enter this giveaway!  Just buy the book in a week . . .

Anyway, if you want to enter, email me at

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  1. Angela Yuriko Smith

    I emailed you… Great idea Brett!

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